Sunday Stray Thoughts And The Aquarius Moon

"saturn trine north node"At first I was embarrassed. And now it’s making me laugh. That I wrote (and posted) Horoscopes for only half the signs.

And then I remember these were/are Eclipse ‘scopes and I do have time. IF I decide to finish it. Always a challenge for someone with as much Virgo as I have: to let it be. Virgo South Node: be perfect. Pisces North Node: that thing you are so attached to, like finishing that blog post which sinks into nothingness anyway? It doesn’t matter. And that’s not a depressing thought. It’s a wonderful thought. Many things do matter. I’ve got plenty on my mind. But one blog post? Nope. Even if I’m forever known as the astrologer/blogger who writes ‘scopes for half the zodiac.

And this morning on Twitter someone was responding favorably to some impromptu love advice I was giving which reminded me that Saturn in Scorpio is heading to trine my descendent. You are in cahoots with Saturn in Scorpio she said. Saturn won’t square my Venus until next year so take my advice until then 😉 On second though, that square may squeeze potent insights out of me. If I can still write at that time 😉 I want to hear YOUR insights too.

What are you learning so far? What are you dealing with? What’s on your mind? The Moon in Aquarius today is becoming one of my favorite moons because this moon takes a step back. It’s not associated with the Three of Wands (as far as I know) but that’s the image I’m getting.

Do share your stray thoughts in the comments 🙂



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