Sunday Night Astrology: Venus Retrograde In Gemini

"full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius"

(Lauryn Hill has her Sun in Gemini)


Don’t expect order now.

Don’t expect perfection. Don’t expect all the answers. Don’t expect!

Venus is in Gemini, the Twins, AND retrograde!

This transit is a 10th House transit for me and I’m having some 10th House confusion. It just feels weird, unsettled. It feels…. retrograde!

And yet I expect more news, more information to come in. Eclipses tend to do that 😉

The Lunar Eclipse will be at 14 Sagittarius in early June. The houses involved are having a dialogue and they are saying: what do you want what do you want what do you want?

Is it… what you used to want?

Or is it something else? 

Have you changed? You may change again!

Think about it!

Love, MP

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