Sunday Afternoon Coffee Talk: Do You Feel Alone?

I had my physical therapy just now. Back home went to lay down and started to drift.

Sometimes the therapy relaxes me. Sometimes just makes me tired. I try to keep my schedule light on such days. Listening to my favorite music for such moments, letting thoughts land wherever: past, present, future.

I ponder the Guardian Angel who appeared not to me, but to someone doing a reading for me… wave-like thought thought thought no stress thought thought thought the body at rest and I realize (realized this the other day) that this is the first time in my life, 43 years, ever, that I haven’t felt alone and it always seemed to take a Sagittarius to break through me.

There was my childhood best friend and then another friend in my 30s and now another Sagittarius. Jupiter rules my IC, the home, the point in the chart where the soul enters (says Isabel Hickey).

Jupiter is in my 2nd House natally. The 2nd House = what we hope to increase. Hope.

This feeling (I think to myself). This feeling is *more* than love. I don’t know what to call it. Not sure what it is. But I know it’s not about perfection. And not about ideals. I’ll figure it out 🙂 It’s FUN to figure it out 🙂 Those of you who relate can relate 🙂 You know who you are. Those who love the process and the defining, knowing nothing gets taken away upon closer examination. In fact, the mystery increases.

Made me wonder your experience of this. If you feel at home in the world. If you have ever felt at home. Even in your family, even with your people. To not feel the pain of isolation is remarkable. It’s all very remarkable. Of my doing and not of my doing.

And speaking of pain and isolation 🙂 in the coming days I’m going to be moving my blog to a kind of subscription-based service. Haven’t figured out the details yet. It’s going to be a busy week. But some kind of Pay Wall. Since I’ve started blogging, it’s always been free but now is the time. Is what I give away worth having? I know it’s a risk. I do get clients from random Google searches. Details to come. I’ll still be easy to find on Facebook and Twitter, with my astro thoughts but the nitty of the gritty will be for subscribers who want to be on these various life journeys with me…

Love, MP


I am teaching a new on-line (drop-in) course starting October 14th. A two week class.

There will be, as usual, class discussion/conversation as well as individual chart work.

TOPIC: the 2014 Grand Cross: Mars in Libra and His Friends (Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter).

How to best use and not abuse this massive energy attack in your life.

Mars will be spending 7 months in one (maybe two) houses of your chart. What the hell?

Manage and master this FORCE for good. Libra = love and relationships and keeping the peace.

I’ll help you put it all together.  $100 by PayPal. Email me with questions! Friend me on Facebook!

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