Sun Trine Pluto: Help From Hell Not So Bad

I was looking for a blog topic for today and had just told the gals (and our one guy) on the message board that I am sitting here, waiting for my food to digest. So that I can exercise. My South Node is in Virgo. I tend to schedule just about everything.

Want to have fun? Let me write that down. I’ll think about it. Want to talk to me? Hold on. Let me get a post-it. Work? Same thing. Lists upon lists upon lists. All by hand. Only the occasional computer or phone memo for me.

Your South Node is what you know how to do BUT… adjustments must be made. Not even to get to the North but to fine tune the South.


Today is truly a mix of energies. Moon in Aquarius is squaring (fighting with) Saturn (slow) and Mars (fast). Even typing that is painful!

Despite the crush and crunch, Leo ways and means (Leo being the “empty leg” of the tsquare) could assist you if you feel stuck. Fit something playful into your day. Tell someone you love them. This t-square is fixed . Perhaps keep your good news to yourself today. Don’t brag. But do fix your hair up pretty.

Other news: Mercury is now in Taurus and the Sun is trining Pluto and what I’m feeling here is two levels, at least.

On the surface, that Moony tsquare feels like a cold shower on a cold day. Can’t get comfortable. Anxiety. More edge than you’re in the mood for. Aquarius is sharp. Fixed air. Think about that. Sharp thoughts. Cuts.

But beneath that is a hug, some help (the trine) from Pluto, Lord of the Underworld.

Now I like Pluto as much as the next person 🙂 but there’s usually some pain/conflict/crisis when he’s around. And where there’s pain, there is soul growth (we hope) and depth. Depth and knowledge is the reward for being dragged through the slime and soul raped. Worth it?

Trines are gifts though so… expect less pain, less conflict, less crisis. Or that the resolutions happen faster and… for good. Taurus and Capricorn = long term.


Cards for this day because I know you want them!

One card from the OSHO deck: ABUNDANCE. The picture is funny (actually a little grotesque):  hippie with flowing belly and lotus. He’s the King of Rainbows. This card is telling me (to tell you) not to go your own way today. He’s got a lesson for you. Learn something. Engage this King. He’s wise and at home in his body. Are you are at home in yours? What does your body need?

From Rider Waite: Page of Wands and hmm I pulled this for someone this morning. Be like a child again. Can you? I want to draw another card. Tell us, Tarot, for those reading this blog post now, what does the energy behind this card pertain to?


The World 🙂

Love, MP

PS What does “like a child” mean? For many it means the child you never got to be, loved without measure.


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