Sun Trine Jupiter (Retrograde): Still Lucky

The feeling that here’s nothing else that you need to be doing. That this is it. Wherever you are, whatever it is.

I feel a bit nervous lately. I am trying to maintain but I don’t have any bigger goals. This is a weird feeling for me. I have such a striving chart, so many squares. I either had a book I wanted to write or a book I wanted to publish or plays to write and get produced, always something, always writing, always art.

Now my life has changed. I’m happy. But I’m not used to this. And I’m not complaining. Just… noticing it. Earlier today my husband got excited about an idea and I couldn’t remember any recent time when I felt that. Although I used to. A play. A poem. An idea. My life is different now. My energy goes elsewhere. Life is fragile.

Mercury goes direct tomorrow. I hope you made use of the retrograde. If not then… just really really focus on the rest of Mercury through Scorpio and find the truth. The truth embedded in your Scorpio house. There is always more. And the truth, you know, could be a sweet truth. A good thing. Doesn’t have to be scary memory truth or bad day truth. I thought Mercury through my 3rd and Saturn through my 3rd (still there) was going to be about my writing but it’s much much more about mental health and transformation.

Here’s something beautiful, an aspect I neglected to mention before: the Sun is trine Jupiter (now retrograde) on the 12th. What a gift to have this in a natal chart. You hold up the world with that, bright star. What is Jupiter/Sagittarius? Larger than life. When they love, they love BIG. Jupiter going retrograde will not decrease your luck or your love but it may bring out the more introspective side of Sag that often only those closest to them are privy to.

Jupiter/Sagittarius is also associated with what you believe about your life, what is worth living for, and what makes life worth living. See, after the 8th House of torture and taboo comes… you figuring out why you’re here. Meaning!

And I think Jupiter going retrograde is about this transition — what your life WAS. What your life is NOW. All philosophical and stuff 🙂

Love, MP


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