Sun Trine Jupiter In Earth Signs: The Practice Of Hope

"sun trine jupiter" I am going to be taking a break from YouTube.

To see my videos, just go to my Facebook business page. Click on the link.

You don’t need to be a Facebook member to see these. I think. Not positive.

But try the link and let me know. 

ARIES AND TAURUS videos are up – for the Jan 23rd Full Moon in Leo. You can hear all about Taurus’ ORCHARD OF AGONY 🙂

Gemini and Cancer up shortly. Hopefully will finish them all today/tomorow.

Stars today:

Sun trine Jupiter HELPS. Hope. Optimism. Hard work! Capricorn/Virgo.
Venus square Chiron hurts. Sag to Pisces YUCK a mutable mess. Venus in Sag REJECTS all that mushy longing. She just wants to be FREE. Ride off on her horse.

Listen: what you focus on GROWS. You decide.


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