Sun Square Pluto Is Like A Walled City

Marriage is about finding someone’s hiding places.

And not letting them hide there anymore.

But also not being so controlling that…  you can’t let them have their solitude.
You have to let them have their solitude.
Rilke wrote about this:
two solitudes protect and greet each other. That is love (paraphrasing here).

So when I’m talking about hiding places I am talking about THE WALLS that we have.

That’s one way to put it. There may be other metaphors to come 🙂

Very old walls, decades in the making.
They start to crumble fray but they are STRONG and tall resilient and they attempt to defeat those mountain climbers and wall scalers.
But you can’t get close to someone if you are A Walled City.

Pausing for a tune because it came to mind while I was writing this:

“Please put down your hand, because I see you…”

Some options:

You can have your Walled City and he or she can have his/her Walled City and you can have assigned personnel to send messages back and forth by raven 🙂 or other method.
Sex is one of these message-sending methods.
As is television watching 🙂 or other forms of togetherness.
But penetrating walls is no easy task as you know.
Walled cities have guards of course, all kinds of guards and soldiers and thus sometimes the messages get stuck or drowned or otherwise lost.
there is another rung to life, it exists high above “safety” and it feels out of reach when we bother to even realize it exists at all — and that rung is intimacy, closeness, love, acceptance, healing.

(None of these words does justice to the process I am attempting to describe which must be experienced and not just thought about or imagined.)

What I am describing here (the Walls) could apply to any number of astrological natal aspects.
Sun square Pluto comes to mind first.
As does Venus square Saturn.
Outer Planet square Personal Planet.

The personal planet IS the self (be it Sun, Moon, Venus etc) and the outer planet energy is the brick by brick by brick, trapping you inside with its humongous gale force power and pattern.
See, Pluto energy (for example) is a PATTERN.
Secretiveness, for example. Needing to have the upper hand.

If you have a Sun Pluto person in your life, your job is to help them get under the wall through the wall. If you have a Venus square Saturn person in your life, your job is to help get them over the wall through the wall.

No lost causes here, but the only way out is through LETTING YOUR SOUL BE SEEN.

Are you a Walled City? What goes on in there? 

Love, MP


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