Sun Sextile Uranus, June 1st, 2013

You are not a loser 🙂

This month will prove that to you.

We begin June with a Sun Uranus sextile. Are you being creative? Are you creating?

Sextiles need us to PUSH. Not in the heartbreaking way that squares require. It’s whistle while you work energy.

How can you make life fun again? Sun in Gemini in cahoots with Uranus in Aries. This is fun, people! This is delight. A couple of free-spirits clowning around but with a job to do.

If you feel at a loss, I suggest you spend some time in meditation today. This will ease your worry-mind, reconnect you with the Divine. Uranus is everything that hasn’t happened yet. Expect the unexpected. The Future. Sextiles are moving, dynamic energy but it’s like… your container has holes in it and your cup is being filled and the inspiration is falling out the bottom. So sit still, even for 10 minutes so that you can GET IT.

Next week is ripe and juicy. Mercury and Venus in waterworks Cancer trine Saturn and Neptune, reality and fantasy. Water trines are about trusting your feelings, trusting your gut. What’s happening in your world?

If Gemini Season is bringing you the big decisions, now is the time to tune-in to your High Priestess.

And then Neptune goes retrograde. And then the New Moon in Gemini. Even more options with a side of what the hell do I do.

I pulled a card that showed you feeling a little overwhelmed at this time but it’s mostly a self-created burden and you can set it down.

Love, MP

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