What Helps Your Pluto Problem?

"new moon in aries 2012"

There was a time, a few years ago, maybe five years ago, when I wasn’t doing so many readings and I had a great reading with a local astrologer. I had started an astrology blog but didn’t keep it up. I was doing other work then and occasionally doing readings for friends and she told me that I needed to do this work for my Moon Pluto conjunction, that it would HELP my Moon Pluto conjunction and oh man was she right!

I was just writing about feeling less intense these days and now I realize why: it’s because I’m doing THIS regularly. It’s shifting my energy. It’s discharging my intensity. Not all of it. But a lot of it. Not just writing every day (which I did before, which I have always done) but doing psychic work every day. I haven’t analyzed it from head to toe astrologically speaking I just know that it’s true. And that it’s mine.

Are you mastering your shit? Pluto rules shit. If you have Pluto touching your personal planets, you must dig, dig deep, and then dig again, to find what will help you carry on without carrying on so much. Carry on better.

Pluto rules New Beginnings. Death is not the end. And so on.


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