Sun Opposition Saturn, Virgoland Publishing, And Babies!

"moon in virgo"

Despite not sleeping so well, I woke up with some ebook ideas and am excited to start working on the first one and YES it ย will likely include blog posts that have already been published but hey that’s okay — I seriously doubt folks go back to read posts that they liked.

And the first one, I think, is going to be dedicated to VIRGO… could be Virgo Sun, Moon, Rising, South Node, North Node… maybe some Virgo/Pisces axis stuff in general. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about…

I’m going to think more about this too — how to structure it. You know what I’d love to do? And tell me what you think – maybe this is kind crazy… but I’d love to make an old fashioned pamphlet style “ebook” i.e. not an ebook at all lol but something real slim that you could take with you, like the old school fanzines and I mean, like, STAPLED and photocopied! Crazy old-school cute, personal,ย and it’s the kind of thing that you could tuck away among your astrology books and your papers and hide in your purse…

I can see it now, grabbing all my shit and heading to Staples lol.

Vinyl is back so why not the lo-fi ‘zine? And if I were crafty I’d put a pretty ribbon around ’em.


Is this the Moon in Aquarius for me? Wacky work ideas? Aquarius is my 6th House. Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler, trines my Mid-Heaven, the “career point.”

How do Aquarius and Uranus show up in your chart?

Oh yeah, I also have a stellium in the 11th House, which is the Aquarius House, and it’s in Cancer – Sun, Mercury, Mars.


This morning I started an email reading for a baby. Actually the reading is for the baby’s mama and it’s a whole lotta fun because this is a brand new baby, an Aquarius ๐Ÿ™‚

I started with baby’s Ascendent and right away the Ascendent was a key that opened door after door. This baby is a 12th house baby, a Neptune baby, a swim in the mystical ocean baby and I tried to keep things “simple,” I mean I tried not to talk about the baby’s potential future career (didn’t even get to the 10th House yet which at this point is more about parents than anything) but I couldn’t help myself — when I saw that Sagittarius North Node? I knew I had to talk about the future. Sagittarius rules prophecy.


For everybody who’s sick of Mars in Virgo, no doubt Mars is sick of himself as well, forward, backward, forward again in the sign of “No, that’s not what I mean. What I mean is THIS.” Clarification. Exaction. Information.


Sun in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra is your own personal dark cloud today and tomorrow. Try not to be too hard on yourself. This opposition no doubt casts some uncomfortable light and truth on relationships but there’s more — find the houses in your chart where these two bodies are travelling.

The Sun in Aries wants to push you forward, but you don’t wanna go and I’m sorry. Pluto is retrograde. You have no choice. Not today, anyway.

Tomorrow will be different.



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