Sun In Virgo And The Mysteries Of Life

"the tree of life"I don’t know what’s come over me. I am seriously searching for “answers” to the mysteries of life (or at least some more clues) and it could be a transit that is causing this but does it matter? It’s what IS for me now.

I haven’t looked at my chart in a few days but I know I am having 12th House transits: the subconscious mind, that which is hidden. The spiritual.

A man (or woman) can spend a lifetime searching for answers and meaning, searching for the nature of God and existence. It is a worthy pursuit in between everything else: listening to music, working, loving, watching Breaking Bad 🙂

I recently erased my dry erase board. I had a big career brainstorm on there and I replaced it with a single word: believe. 12th House strikes again. Or is it the 9th House that rules our beliefs. Indeed it is. But then we must recall that Pisces is ruled by both Jupiter AND Neptune.

I’ve been blogging about becoming obsessed with the Tree of Life and Jewish mysticism and a desire to begin a disciplined study of such and I was caught by the phrase “infinite meanings.” Exactly. That’s why I’ve always had trouble grasping the Tree of Life. Because you don’t look AT IT. You fall in. It’s destabilizing.

Now the Sun will enter Virgo within minutes (actually I think it did while I was editing this). Within days the Sun will leave my 12th House.

Virgo keyword: fields of wheat

What will you harvest during Virgo Season? 

Love, MP

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