Sun In Libra For All + Jupiter On My Ascendent

"jupiter on the ascendent" The feeling of wanting to get it right (Virgo) and that it’s not too late (Jupiter hopes for the best).

I am writing to you from the far away space station of JUPITER ON MY ASCENDENT and when Moonage Daydream came on my Spotify Waterboys station this morning I had a memory flood of love and desire on my way from the Key Food where I bought frozen strawberries, cream, and cat food. I love this apartment. Jupiter is on my Ascendent. I love everything today. Jupiter expands what it touches. Touch me.

My Robert Hand book says to be careful not to get too ego-ish with Jupiter through the First House but we Virgo Risings tend to be a humble bunch, selling ourselves short routinely, and yet I am compelled to BROADCAST (which Jupiter also rules – broadcasting, preaching).  If you want to see all my broadcasts though, you have to visit me on Facebook. I’ve just made invisible most of my YouTube videos except for a couple new ones. The past is dead. So dead. So very very dead. Into dust.

I hope to bring you good news, my loves, good news from this transit, for us all. Jupiter rules prophesy and my eyes are open.


Class starts Monday. Details here. YES YOU CAN JOIN US. We will be Problem Solving. Needle-sharp MoonPluto at your service.

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