Sun In Capricorn, Winter Solstice: December 21st

"full moon in cancer"I got a Christmas card in the mail. I love when that happens 🙂 This Friday the Sun enters Capricorn which is also the Winter Solstice and I was tweeting this morning: you are light, bright, illuminated, HAPPIER where the Sun is transiting in your chart. 

I am suggesting some ritual work (Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, loves work!) to welcome the Sun in Capricorn. Christmas and New Year’s fall during this time period, as does the Full Moon in Cancer. This could be some heavy emotional energy at times, family-full or lonely for many, or both!

By “ritual” I mean a physical activity of some kind that is imbued with your intention for a good solid month. Rituals mark time. Do take your Cap house into consideration i.e. Capricorn is my 5th House: FUN and yes I know having Saturn rule the funhouse is a riddle in and of itself.

The way we set intentions for New Moons? Set an intention for the New Sun. Think about it this week and then on Thursday, make it real! Even if all you do is light a candle or jot some thoughts down on a Post-It. Do SOMETHING. Make a plan! Capricorn would! Do a Solstice ritual or a holiday ritual or a New Year ritual or something totally… YOU.

You could watch the sunrise. You could watch the sunset AND the sunrise. You could go the beach. I keep thinking a winter beach visit would be perfect for the Solstice, but I’m weird that way. Dang, I should start a Meet-Up for my weird astrological inclinations hmm…

Share your ideas here!

xo sending love xo

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