Sun in Cancer Opposing Pluto in Capricorn (July 4th)

pluto opposition sunA little night reading (or whenever you, reader, are reading this)

That maybe nothing can fill the emptiness you feel.
The point is to feel the emptiness. It is yours. So you are supposed to get closer to it. Not run from it or try to fill it up. Experience it so you know what it is.

This feeling is different than the feeling which says: such and such makes me unhappy and I have the power to change it, that yes I have preferences.

Two different feelings.

So the next time you feel that feeling of vast painful landscape emptiness, like a field at night — sit with it, sit in the field, and ask yourself and ask God —  which is it? The human condition. Or something you can adjust.

My train of thought went like this though: that maybe nothing can fill the emptiness you feel. Because part of you is dead or dying. The Sun will oppose Pluto on July 4th. Mid-degree Cancers have Pluto opposing their Sun. Supposedly this transit is supposed to peel away what is false about you. You become more you. You have no choice but to become more you. I’ve been saying this a lot lately. Where is the death? In the house that Pluto is transiting. In the house of your natal Pluto. But you know the drill — death promises new wings and rising from desolation. You come back in a new form.

We must stop looking for others (or things or events) to fill our emptiness. And instead to inquiry after this emptiness, what is it. Stop wrestling, stop running. Sit very still. When you sit still, you eventually stop crying.

And if happiness is something you seek, to figure out how to make that happen so… this story, this blog post, actually has a happy ending. That (to paraphrase Rilke) you can change your life. And the process of action is far more satisfying than doing nothing. Saturn is still in Scorpio. You must research your passion. Without passion, we have no life.

I like that this Sun Pluto opposition happens on Independence Day in the U.S. What is the Uranus Pluto square if not ultimately liberating. Suffocating then liberating.

What are your thoughts on this? 

Love, MP

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