Full Moon In Capricorn: More Advice For Moon Pluto People And Anyone Else (Part ?)

"Moon in Capricorn"
Moon in Capricorn: Stevie Nicks

When you hurt, I suggest you (try to) feel it. Although this can feel scary. Other techniques are good too and have their place, but right now, right here, I’m talking about going into the feelings themselves.

An analogy: sometimes in the morning, I stretch and my leg will cramp, my calf, and it’s painful and what I do is breathe real deep (really deep, like scare-the-roommate deep) and I go into the pain. God, I wish I could explain it accurately. But it’s like… I stay with it, right there, I touch it, I touch the heart of it. And it dissipates.

When we hold mental hurt in our bodies, it stays in our bodies, builds itself up, fortress-like, and then may come out in icky ways. Like, when someone or something is breaking your heart and instead you yell at the guy in the token booth. We spill over. We leak.

This stuff was on my mind today because I was dealing with a hurt and fighting with myself, not wanting to feel it, and then remembered that there’s another way. That I can go in. I also had a feeling that this hurt would be with me at least until the Full Moon, my companion 🙂

Full Moons can bring us the rest of the story, the missing piece. They clear things up. They show the way. And this Moon is bursting with feeling, as it opposes the Sun in sensitive Cancer.

So when overwhelming feelings arise, if they arise, as I wrote yesterday, hold steady, no matter what comes up. And, if you are up for it, go in.

And if you really find yourself in trouble? SING. That’s what I do 🙂

Let us know how you are doing…

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