Sun In Cancer And The Ideal Momma

"Sun in Cancer"

We get anxious when we can’t see the future, when we don’t know what everything means, what our lives mean.

Am I speaking for myself? Or do you agree?

So we get readings. I do too.

My Pisces North Node in the 6th House is a holy servant in service to the holy, and that means you guys. That’s how I approach all this. Your problems matter.

And as the Sun leaves Gemini and heads towards Cancer? We approach the season of unconditional love, the Ideal Mother’s love.

Now if you know your Astrology then you know a Moon Pluto person like me has some mother stories that would break your heart but I still have space (Neptune!) for the ideal.

The Ideal Mother ALWAYS has a comforting word, is ALWAYS endlessly patient, ALWAYS kisses away tears and ALWAYS encourages you.

Do I know real-life Cancer Suns or MoonsΒ like this? Well, I can think of one Cancer friend who comes pretty damn close.

Think of it as an experiment πŸ™‚ just while the Sun is in Cancer, strive to be that Momma… toΒ your kids or your lover or your animals or your home or your country or your clients or your rock collection or the trees in Central Park…

Care more, give more.

I can’t imagine anyone else but me telling you to do this. Do it for a day πŸ™‚

And then when Leo Season comes??? Well, that’s a VERY different energy.


How do you feel when the Sun is in Cancer?Β 

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