Sun In Aquarius Says: Be Yourself!


As long as I’ve been doing readings, I’ve used free internet websites for charts. Not astrodienst but a different one with cleaner charts, easier for me to read and a list of aspects (although I prefer wider orbs and always have to eyeball it anyway which is part of my process).

Well, yesterday was my first day of fiddling with my new astrology software and all it did was frustrate me.

You know what? I already have a system and it seems to be working. It gives me what I need. I got the software because I felt I needed to be more *professional* — someone else’s idea of professional! Not very Sun in Aquarius of me!

I also got it because I wanted a transit overview for people i.e. lists of transits for longer periods of time. (And I do stay away from canned interpretations — unless of course I’m actually doing some studying for myself from books and astrologers who I love and trust.)

Yesterday all the software did was give me more information and I couldn’t piece it into my already functioning process.

I realize how I do readings and charts in some ways is rather old fashioned and not very glamorous. I don’t draw them myself but I use a minimum of technology. I don’t want bells and whistles and colors and charts that move. I just want an un-messy chart that I can read and a list of transits. That’s all.

(And then options for Return charts, progressed, synastry but free sites do that too, etc.)

So this blog post is also about… sticking to what works. If it works, don’t fix it! How’s that for Mars retrograde in Virgo!

I probably will learn this software eventually. I probably will calm down.  But in the meantime, I’m going to use the site that I’ve been using. When I look at a chart, when I look at one thing in a chart, it starts to tell me a story and I’m often (not always) right.

When I started fucking with my process yesterday? I felt sick. Really. And maybe that was why this cold slowed down and stayed the night. Blame it on the technology! Which is also not very Sun in Aquarius of me.

So be it!

I’ll figure it out and probably will use a combination of the two. Eventually. Some day. Soon enough. When the cows come home.


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