Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Aquarius: Coming To A Sky Near You

"new moon in aquarius 2012"

Think of Aquarius as a breath of fresh AIR.

Aquarius is an Air Sign. It is fixed Air so think of the word “fixed” as stable or loyal or use your imaginative forces (to borrow a phrase from Edgar Cayce) to imagine what “fixed” means to you: stubborn? Shall not waver. Shall be truth seeking. No bending!

Think of Aquarius as our next shift. Mercury won’t enter the sign yet. Venus has already toured there. But it’s the Sun, truly, that heralds Aquarius Season of course and our New Moon in the sign is this coming Monday (EST).

Now Aquarius has two rulers, Saturn and Uranus, one traditional and one “modern,” so it’s not as though we’re done with Capricorn YET (because Saturn rules Cap) so we are getting an energy spill-over and yet, yet… it’s different, it’s turned on its side.

To tell you the truth, I find it harsher i.e. when I think of Saturn + Uranus = Aquarius? I feel afraid.

Because Uranus is that energy that destroys in the blink of an eye. No. Faster than that. As I’m so fond of saying: Uranus breaks, Saturn builds and here we have both of these energies, truly, in one sign. Isabel Hickey once wrote that Uranus was the only planetary energy we could not control.

But maybe, just maybe, we can imitate Uranus in our own lives, in some small way, and see where that leads us, hmm?

(And we are indeed under the Pluto-Uranus square at this time too even though it has widened as Pluto has moved forward. It is still with us. These outer planets retrograde routinely so we will get more chances to know this energy better in our own lives.)

For the upcoming Aquarius Season though, I don’t want to focus on calamity. I want to focus on fresh air. I want to focus on my own Revolution (Uranus rules revolt).

Aquarius rules that which is weird, interesting, original and as I tweeted recently, the other day someone called me strange and I took great offense. What a small mind that person has, I thought to myself.

But it was a very Uranian moment because I was shocked. And I learned a great lesson as well. To be even MORE myself — which is truly the lesson of Aquarius.

What gets destroyed is what no belongs inside us, outside us. Something inauthentic. It’s like living someone else’s life. Our friends Saturn and Pluto bring change to our lives. It’s Uranus though that brings it with such a crashing.

Oh. Wait. I started to focus on the negative again. Wait. Let me reroute that call (Uranus rules telephones).

Think (mind = air) of the Sun in Aquarius (tomorrow) and the New Moon in Aquarius (Monday) as the New You and be unafraid of the Shock of the New You. Maybe you will look in the mirror and not recognize the being you are becoming. If so, you are right on time.

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