Sun Enters Virgo: Journey To The End Of Summer

"akashic records"You are on a journey. There are signs if you look for them.

Do you travel by day or by night? Oh? Both? Well, the signs are harder to see at night but still they are there if you look. You may need to squint a little 😉

When you think of your life, your time here, in this way, you begin to realize that… you have choices.

It’s like the Celtic Cross spread for the Tarot: here is the outcome IF… you keep going as you are going. Do you WANT to keep going as you are going? Do you want to move the energy instead? Move it over here. Or here. Or here.


I am making a sweet potato. Or maybe it’s a yam, I’m not sure. I can never get those straight. Had a bit of a stomach ache today and thinking about becoming a vegetarian again (after 12 years of NOT being a vegetarian) because I want to eat food that has less… consciousness. I know that may sound strange but that’s my state of mind today. The Moon has been void of course in Virgo all day and I’ve been reading, learning, writing some, blogging some, but mostly receiving teachings. Void of course Moons are good for reflection and penetration i.e. I am absorbing these teachings, taking them in, and the more I learn, the more I will bring here.


The Stars Tomorrow! The Moon enters Libra in the wee hours so we wake up with Libra, with thoughts of harmony, partnership, beauty, art and music.

The Moon will square Pluto in Capricorn in the afternoon. You may feel some frustration in the family or with the women in your life. Remember though the Moon moves fast.

The Moon then will oppose Uranus: women coming and going. An erratic quality to their entrances and exits. You know what? I would steer clear of stressed people tomorrow. Take care of yourself, your needs. Let them do what they need to do. Don’t try to fix it. 

The Sun in Leo will sextile Mars: this is good for getting things done if you have a large to-do list. And then the Moon will sextile Mercury, a sweet aspect after a long day of female problems 😉

As you are settling in for the night, drawing the blinds, feeding the cats their evening meal, the Moon squares Venus in Cancer (eat the cupcake or don’t eat the cupcake is what Moon square Venus says to me!) and then trines Jupiter ahhh nice. Too bad this trine is exact at 11:32 pm 😉

Other astral events this week: Sun enters Virgo, Mars enters Scorpio (a preview of fall).  Summer energy is winding down. All the confusion, all the loss, all the triumphs, all the reversals… it’s all going down the Akashic stream. We’re just about done with this moment which will be available for download in the future but for now just let it to go.

Are you ready?

Love, MP

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