Sun Enters Pisces! Clairvoyance!

Yup, the SUN ENTERS PISCES today.


Feels like Aquarius Season flew by.

Remember the astrological “new year” starts with ARIES so this is the end of the year (again)  and yes you can set intentions or make resolutions.

What needs to be wrapped up or let go? Let it go…

Everything’s different now. Or will be SOON. Remember the Grand Cross and Eclipses are coming in April.

Let’s enter the next pattern/cycle/phase together, linked up. We may each have a different mission BUT… we’re all HERE together, one soul, same stream.

How’s that for a Piscean message! Pisces gal in my 12th House class says she can feel the energies peeling away and then she sees the TRUTH.

I think we’ll see/understand more cosmic truth this Pisces Season — because of Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio creating a Grand Trine. CLAIRVOYANCE! There will be a structure (Saturn) for the message (Jupiter). AND IT’S COMING THROUGH!

Also…. this is an especially good time of year for Pisces NORTH NODE people, of which I am one 🙂 So pay attention! Is there some small way you can put less pressure on yourself? Lay your burden down?

Love, MP


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