Sun Enters Gemini May 20th!

"new moon in gemini" I want you to start making predictions for yourself.

Not just noting where the transiting planets fall in your chart, but actually making predictions. And for this you have to know how to read your own chart. Do you? I am always amazed when I encounter folks who learned how to do this on their own. I learned in a class, week after week.

This Tuesday the Sun enters Gemini. Here is your homework: I want you to review (whether on-line or with your astrology book collection) the finer points of THE SUN — what does it represent in a chart. And I want you to review MERCURY and the Mercury keywords and associations. Then explore 3rd House meanings. And from there you can even jump to Mercury’s opposite, Jupiter, and Gemini’s opposite, Sagittarius, and note the differences between these two energies. Don’t forget the 9th House too!

Once you’ve completed your homework, THEN find the Gemini house in your chart. Mercury is already there. You are already busy there, ya? Gemini is the Twins. Once the Sun gets there, you’ll WISH there were two of you! The Sun joins Gemini tomorrow and the New Moon in Gemini (at 7 degrees) will be on May 28th.

Keep in mind the slower moving heavenly bodies in Pisces, Neptune and Chiron because the Sun will square those. Keep in mind we have no slow movers in Sagittarius or Virgo. Keep in mind that the mutable signs may feel more frazzled than the other signs this month. Keep in mind that air signs will benefit the most. Keep in mind that where the Sun is transiting is where you can lighten up 🙂

What I like most about Gemini: they find the perfect word, effortlessly. When I do readings it can sometimes take me a minute to find that perfect word. I have Mercury trine Neptune. I’m a poet and a teacher. I think out loud. And then in an instant Gemini sums it up!

What do you like most about Gemini? 

Love, MP

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