Sun Enters Cancer June 21st (This Sunday!) + YOU MUST ADJUST

"venus opposition pluto"I cannot believe this year.

This year kinda sucked (I mean really truly badly – at least for many I know but maybe it’s been great for you!!
I hope so) and has flown by.

I cannot believe it’s late June already and you know what? I think this year just wants us to be done with it: 2015 as a transition and recovery year, a “you have to go through this FIRST before you can LIVE” kind of year.

I’m a Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars so my Solar Return is coming. It’s my New Year. It’s a New Year for all Cancers but maybe you need that symbolic reset as well? That’s fine. You are welcome. You are home.

Today and this weekend: The Adjustment to the Sun

Today, Thursday:  no big. Moon in Cancer is NOT void-of-course. Moon is trine Chiron and Saturn (retrograde) and the square to Uranus is already complete. The opposition to Pluto was last night so… good! We can enjoy our brownies and hugs now. Easier than the last few days.

Friday is also a good day with the Moon in Leo sextile Mercury in Gemini (harmonious thoughts and feelings) BUT there is a Moon Neptune inconjunct and this weekend also brings us more of this inconjunct energy from Moon and Pluto, Moon and Chiron (a wide Yod if you want it), and Sun Saturn.
Sunday is another one with Venus Pluto.

And Sunday is the Summer Solstice. 

About these inconjuncts:
keyword “adjustment” — and this is something I’ve written about before and talked about in a recent video.
The jarring-ness of the inconjunct in a chart.

For example: say you fall for a Scorpio man/woman and they have Moon or Rising in Gemini and you go out on a date and you are searching searching for that hot deep Scorpio and what you get is (trying to avoid a Gemini cliche here)… lighthearted chit-chat when what you really wanted was The Scorpio Stare.

No offense to either Scorpios and Geminis. I love them both BUT

I had a night like that once. Went on a date with a Scorpio dude. Had fallen for a Scorpio dude but he had a Gemini Moon (Rising Sign uncertain – no accurate time of birth) and we met and I ran smack into Gemini no-attention-span.

You can’t do both at once. With the inconjunct, both ARE there but you will not witness both at once and you cannot control when either will pop its head out. You can try to coax it but that won’t work either. It’s actually a very bossy, headstrong aspect. So YOU have to adjust. That’s the key. If YOU have an inconjunct person in your life? YOU ARE THE ONE WHO MUST ADJUST which is why WE must adjust and continually adjust this weekend.

Go with the flow. See, if you are expecting Scorpio and you keep getting Gemini (or vice versa), you get frustrated.

How do we apply this to the sky? It’s the same thing really. We think we have Sun in late Gemini and we do and then suddenly we’re in Saturn in Scorpioland. Can’t combine it. Can only do what the moment requires. Adjust adjust adjust adjust. Is it exhausting? Yes, it can be.

Cancer/Sagittarius is another example of the inconjunct. Cancer wants safety but Sagittarius is… reckless. How does one adjust to that? You don’t. You accept or move on.


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