Sun Conjunct Uranus: The Stars Today (Sort Of)

"sun conjunct uranus"

The Sun conjunct Uranus is the big news in the sky today.

I am thinking of the babies born this day: geniuses! Rebels! The Sun is who you are and Uranus is FREE and Aries is raw power. Big personalities born this day 🙂

And I was looking at the planet list:  Moon in Taurus will conjunct Jupiter then Venus in Taurus, will trine Mars in Virgo… and then I realized my heart wasn’t in it. My heart wasn’t in this weather forecast.

So instead let’s talk relationships again 🙂

My boyfriend, who has some knowledge of astrology, was telling me that I should write that Perversion Around The Zodiac blog post, but it’s really not my style.

And also… I haven’t been keeping track that long of my perverted or not so perverted ex-lovers.

But probably the most extreme was a Sagittarius Sun with a bunch of Scorpio personal planets. He liked wine, food, whips, chains, and hotel rooms by the hour.

Another one, a bit less extreme, and with a bit more heart, was an Aquarius Sun. Now that I  think about it, it figures. Friendship is always important to an Aquarius. He was really tall.

And then there’s my Cancer Sun ex with all the Aries personal planets and the box of toys. His Mars in Aries wanted it HIS way only.

And oh yes, the Scorpio Sun (never met him – was an internet thing) with the Gemini Moon who had fantasies of keeping women in cages. Glad I never met him?

I’ve lost track actually why I started making this list. Oh yes. Perversion around the Zodiac. Not much to go on, I know — just the Sun signs, no charts. And the fact that these dudes were in MY LIFE probably says as much about my chart as theirs. I’ll keep going on this topic though. I have a feeling there is much to discover.

How long have you been keeping track?


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