Sun Conjunct Neptune February 23rd

The Sun in Pisces conjoins Neptune on Sunday — but we are in orb now. 

I just finished a reading with someone — Pluto is conjunct her natal Neptune now. 10th House. Career confusion.

Disappointment, I said.

Yes, she said.

And there were other words said. A test she didn’t pass. We usually think of Saturn as the Taskmaster, Tester, Teacher and Pluto is on her Saturn as well. Cast into confusion. Diaspora.

Sun and Neptune together means that you will be feeling others’ pain so… I suggest you brace for this. Or do psychic readings 😉

And if you don’t feel this, then lucky you. Sometimes being made of stone is a blessing.

A question:

how much do you know about your own shadow? The worst you are capable of. What is it? Dare you name it? I wonder if you do. I wonder if you really do. Write it down. Or mostly blame others for where you are. Look it in the eye. The North Node has left Scorpio, but Saturn is still in Scorpio. Sun and Saturn will trine in March.

In the 12th House class I’m bringing some ideas from Tracy Marks and she says one way to deal with being a 12th House person is… to accept human limitation. Your own.

I am not perfect. I will NEVER be perfect. I have a shadow side. I have regrets.

And maybe you, reading this, are perfect. You’ve never hurt anyone or cheated or lied. You have no debt. You take full responsibility. And hold others to impossible standards. Is this your shadow?

Another thing I’m learning: what true weakness is. And true strength. When someone (a loved one, for example) is in pain and needs your help, what do you do? Walk away? Or stay. These are all Sun Neptune issues. Why? Because they are about compassion. Moving beyond willfulness and caution and rebellion. Compassion.

When you are at your lowest and screaming or crying your eyes out (do you do this? ever), does the other one meet you there?  Some people just can’t go there.

I am thinking of a friend who has cancer. Someone told me that her closest friends have not been around. That’s what I call weak. It’s easy to numb out and disappear (low vibration Neptune) but the higher vibration of Neptune is love.

The truth is, I don’t have too many illusions about Sun Neptune 🙂  This is maximum YIN energy and you may read about portals and stardust but I don’t want to disappear. There’s too much work to be done.

Love, MP


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