Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Leo!

"sun conjunct jupiter in leo" Sagittarius. Yes, Sagittarius. Jupiter conjunct the Sun NO MATTER THE SIGN will sagify that Sun.

A mopey Cancer Sun becomes less mopey when Jupiter is on her. Not that all Cancers are mopey, but you know what I mean 🙂

All those Sag keywords and phrases start bubbling up:

larger than life, growth, progress, expansiveness, inflation, good fortune, confidence, HOPE, the need to learn and teach, kind, bighearted, PHILOSOPHICAL (more given to philosophizing than speaking from personal experience), always with a goal in mind, a new goal, a better, higher, more distant goal! HORIZON HORIZON HORIZON.

And the fact that the Sun Jupiter conjunction is happening in LEO? MORE generosity. MORE kindness. MORE confidence. MORE SUN. MORE LOVE. MORE SELF-RESPECT.

Are you feeling this? Sun is in late Cancer as I type this and already joined to Jupiter but the love shall increaseth over the next few days.


Last call for students 🙂 Have you been on the fence about taking my class as Mars traverses the FINAL degrees of Libra?



Why are astrologers and anyone who is anyone excited about this? Because Mars has been in Libra for SO DAMN LONG and particularly aggravating us Cardinal signs with its covert aggressive b.s.

As always I am quick to say that I LOVE my Libra and Mars in Libra clients, I do!

It’s the ENERGY that’s been all around us (which would be excessive no matter the sign) that has been relentless. Relentlessly passive. Relentlessly farming out its passion and aggression GRRRRRRRRRR. Making the rest of us angry BUT IT’S NOT OUR ANGER. It’s the other guy’s and he’s throwing it around like a ventriloquist. And we’ve been the dummy. DUMMY NO MORE! Mars in Scorpio gonna be straightforward formation cut cut cut cut. In or out. Do or die.

Okay. Rant over. Class stars tomorrow and you are welcome to join us. $100 is the price of admission 🙂 Two weeks plus because I’m thinking it may run long.

Topic: FIRE!!!

The Element of Fire, the Fire transits of (the rest of) 2014 and into 2015, Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius and how these TEACHERS (Jupiter and Saturn) will be teaching you and WHAT these teachers will be teaching you. SO MUCH. Are you ready? I’m ready. I’m Sun conjunct Jupiter in Leo ready! AFLAME!

Plus I’ll be sharing my TEN KEYS (keys? clues? manifestations? poems) for working with the energy of fire SO THAT YOU DO NOT GET BURNED.


Reading schedule: book now for next week. Services and rates are here. 

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