Sun Conjunct Jupiter: 1,000 White Hot Suns

Sometimes we get disappointed in Jupiter. He can promise and not deliver.

Sometimes Jupiter shows us what we already HAVE and don’t realize we have. Sometimes Jupiter shows us what we desperately need. What we need in… esoteric form.

For example: natal Jupiter in your 2nd House may *not* mean you will strike it super duper rich. Natal Jupiter in your 2nd House may mean you must BELIEVE and have faith that you can earn. Or that you will have what you need no matter what. Faith in another rainbow.

Today we are under a Sun Jupiter conjunction and I want you to *not* feel bad if things feel the same, if you feel the same. It’s not necessarily Christmas Morning but it is A Wonderful Life i.e. stop taking what you DO have for granted.

Also important to note is that the Moon is in turbulent, get-to-the-root-and-go-to-extremes Scorpio and Scorpio makes an inconjunct to Gemini. You think this is an easy day? Not necessarily. You may get to the root of what you want so damn bad that you feel like hell for how… out of your reach IT SEEMS.

But the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Gemini (INFORMATION) holds so many clues for you that if you just… set out on the road… and follow the signs… and pick up the pieces πŸ™‚ you’re guaranteed to get somewhere.

Yeah I think how you feel, today, may be all over the map — Moon conjunct stern Saturn, Moon trine groovy Neptune, Moon sextile do-or-die Pluto (and more).

But underneath it all (or, actually, ABOVE) it all is this supreme jazzed up INTUITIVE Sun Jupiter. People forget sometimes that Sagittarius is the sign of prophecy and Jupiter in Gemini sitting with the Sun (YOU) is… to quote a Facebook friend of mine, the intensity and relentlessness of 1,000 white hot suns. What do you want?

Check in here with how you’re doing πŸ™‚

Love, MP

P.S. TOMORROW: is the Summer Solstice. Sun enters CANCER.


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