Sun conjunct Chiron: The Stars Today


I do not underestimate Chiron, in term of problems he can potentially cause. I have an astrologer friend who minimizes his effects, but not me.

To me, Chiron is a tumor that cannot be cut out, so we live it. We live as long our fate demands we live, and then we die with our Chiron. The tumor grows or shrinks at times, but never entirely disappears. Chiron. Can’t be healed.

So what happens with Chiron in Pisces and the Sun is in Pisces and the two fuse to such a degree (the aspect called conjunction) that they act together in all matters of the Pisces House of your chart and not just for today but for a couple leading up to today and a couple days after, because that’s how transits work — they are more than just one day.

We have to ask: what is the Sun? I think even more than Mars, the Sun is what drives you. And it’s your vitality. It’s your brightness. Your light. Chiron is sitting in the Sun these days, sunning himself, fanning himself, enjoying the rays, the smell of Coppertone, the roar of the ocean or the giggles by the pool, the gentle slapping sound of heel against flip flop,

How do you think Chiron feels about this? About being exposed like this. About being DELIGHTED like this. Do you think Chiron wants to be delighted? Do you really think he wants to STOP?

Well I think a lot of this depends on how YOU view the Sun. Whether you view Sun as a “cruel” planet or whether you think the Sun by transit is merely a point of emphasis: “Oh I will need to focus THERE for the next 30 days or so because the Sun is there so that House is emphasized or illuminated for me.”

And a lot of this depends on what Chiron in Pisces is doing to your chart at this time, the aspects it is making.

But above and beyond that, Chiron the Tumor has company now and, as they say, misery loves company. SO I think that Chiron IS happier, in his unhealable wounds and his country doctor remedies and it would be in your best interest, in my humble opinion, to pay attention to what he is telling you.

ALSO remember that Chiron was a centaur and the centaurs were a wild bunch for the most part. Even though Chiron has this Virgoan sacrificial goody-two-shoes can’t-be-healed-or-fixed (Virgo’s worst nightmare) all over him, more civilized than your average Centaur, he’s still part ANIMAL, part beast and thus his knowledge is… kind of dirty, grounded in instinct and self-preservation. He may have licked his own ass. I bet you know someone like this, right? Someone who really does some good in this world but at the end of the day, they can’t help but swallow their own shit. They wallow. Yes I am thinking about the trope of the therapist who can help others but not himself. So easy to analyze others. Much harder to turn that light on yourself well HELLO SUN CONJUNCT CHIRON TURN THAT LIGHT ON.

Chiron is where you survive. Where you have survived. Where they wanted to kill you. Where it felt like that. You may be falling apart limb from limb every damn time your Chiron gets triggered, but you’re here. UGH. So now what? 

When the Sun conjoins Chiron we are forced to deal with our Chiron issues once again. Not that we ever seal him off completely — other people usually trigger his defensiveness and knee-jerk self-help-isms and false recoveries and brutal blinding PAIN YES PAIN.

But how about you buy Chiron a drink, one drink, one of those fruity tiny umbrella drinks, because Chiron is basking in the Sun by the pool after all, like a contented feline, and ask him what’s going on. He may tell you some things, some very interesting things. And maybe you want to know and maybe you don’t but some of us prefer to be less in the dark about these things.

I was never much of a barfly but I do know this: that bartenders are saviors and your Sun is the tender here. Tell him everything, and then get back to work which means live your life, with your tumor, knowing that it can never be cut out and will never disappear, and you’re stuck with it. It’s not you, but it’s IN you. May as well make the best of it which can include shouting it from the rooftops: HEY LOOK AT THIS FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT THAT I HAVE IN ME IT IS SUCH A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT I HATE IT!!!

The more light you ring around Chiron, the less fear, defensiveness, and shame. And the Sun can do this. Help us out of our hidden place 🙂


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