Sun Alert! The Sun Is Leaving Cancer!

"Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Larry David: Sun in Cancer

Did you know that Larry David has his Sun in Cancer?

Last night I couldn’t blog (computer problems), and I missed it, but the truth is that it was good to have a day off. No blogging, no tweeting, no hypocondriacal googling, no Curb Your Enthusiasm.

So now I’m back and ready to salute the outgoing Sun, which I’ve been doing for a few blog posts anyway. Can’t let the Sun in Cancer go out with a whimper. Or a whine. Call it… The Waning Sun 🙂

What will the Sun in Leo light-up for you? Look in your birth chart for your Leo house. Those areas of life will be spotlighted, highlighted, in focus, in demand, in charge, calling your attention, energizing!

See, we astrologers and star gazers, we don’t just follow the Moon and the other fast movers, and the slow movers, and the REALLY slow movers. We follow the Sun too.

Leo is primarily my 12th House, the house of secrets, the house of what’s hidden from self and/or others. I’ve got Venus there. Lucky me 😉

So, for me, love could be spotlighted, but I feel more like… it’ll be a time of catching my breath, seclusion even, work (Venus rules money)… Oh wait. I’m wrong. I’m very wrong. Flash of insight, psychic reading in progress. The Moon is still in Aries right? Honestly I’d have to look, but as I was self-predicting just now? I realized I was off. And the truth came. Just like that.

So. On second thought. Let me revise. The Sun through my 12th House aspecting my natal Venus will indeed be a Love Transit. You heard it here first!

But enough about me. What about you? Check your chart, people! Find where Leo is in your chart so you can find your Transiting Self!

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