Summer 2011 Eclipse in Gemini

Today’s Inspirational Message: Doors must open.

Some people spend their whole lives trying and not succeeding. Some people spend their whole lives lucky and in love. Still others are in the middle, win some, lose some. Sigh. Cue “Maybe This Time,” from Cabaret.

I believe it’s important to know when to give up. And maybe this idea of giving up isn’t giving up at all, but about having a Double-Dream (which sounds like an ice cream flavor, right? Or a drag queen.)

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’ve got Gemini on the MC (or Gemini anywhere) and let’s say you are a writer and you have to write, are compulsive, are obsessive, not bad at it either. But a writer needs an audience. No Emily Dickinsons here. And let’s say you try to write kids’ books and no one wants them. And say you try to write songs, and no one wants them. And this happens over and over, genre by genre. And in the meantime you get obsessed with, say, surgery! And you start writing for a television medical drama (yes, I know I made a leap here, but bear with me) and THEN money comes and you’re doing your thing and ahhhh flow. You had to give up first.

My point is this: with eclipse season coming, be like Gemini. Have two. Have more. Have a back-up. Know when to give up. Or when to click over to the other thing. The summer 2011 eclipses may close doors and open new passageways previously unimaginable. Jettisoned.

Note to self: don’t ignore your angles or progressed angles. They matter.

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