Suddenly Good Fortune: Jupiter Uranus And Today’s Eclipse

"jupiter conjunct uranus"

I don’t know why I can’t forget Iowa.

I lived there for 6 years. After graduate school, I moved away for 3 months and then came running back. I had nothing there but a good friend and… maybe that was all. Memories. The familiar. I always liked it there.

I also don’t know why I have such violent sneezes, but I digress… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Is there a place or time you can’t forget?

I suppose I can’t forget Florida either, where I grew up, but when I listen to my music and I’m typing here and I look out the window and feel all hopeful I think of Iowa. I had hope in Iowa… in between my tumultuous ultimately unsatisfying love affairs and depressions.

Maybe I need to go back there.


I believe in the catapult. I believe the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will catapult you. To another place. And time.

I write these words and then realize it also sounds Uranian which reminds me of the Tower card in the Tarot.

Comeย with me okay? Stream of consciousness here…

Two significant times in my life (there’s probably more but two stand out) I’ve pulled the Tower card and my life MOVED.

The 1st time was traumatic. Within weeks of seeing this card, I had to leave my apartment, lost most of my stuff, agonizing in myriad and sundry ways, long story short: Saturn was conjunct my natal Moon and Pluto and Uranus was opposing all three.ย 

The 2nd time was when I found out about my best friend’s Cancer. He was interested in dating me again so I pulled a few cards to research the underpinning of this and I don’t remember his card or my card but the Tower was between us.

Weeks later I found out. (He’s fine, by the way, recovering just fine.)


It’s not always so dramatic though. And it’s not always bad or scary.

Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruler) and Uranus together is magic. Good fortune out of the blue.


On the way to Full, the Moon trined Uranus in Aries.

Out of the blue hitched a ride with Opportunity and that’s what I wish for you. Good stuff.

Love, MP

PS I’m currently in love with this song and this record. Reminds me of Iowa.

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