Subway Stories: Mars Square Uranus

"mars square uranus"
Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther

I felt like an Astro-Detective today. Due to the current Mars Uranus square, I was alert, I was careful, as I went about my day. Mars Uranus can be accident-prone energy.

On the inside though? I felt like a nervous (Uranus) wreck (square Mars). In square, Mars is rage and Uranus is sudden and I could hear myself grumbling to myself on the train as someone’s phone-video-game made a monotonous and loud tick-tock sound for the duration of my ride. Grrrrr…. 

But did I find signs of the harsh sky in the outside world, my immediate environment (3rd House)? Not really. The harsh sky of the outside world was WITHIN me.

And you? What’s happening in your world?

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