Stronger Than The Unbroken: Venus In Pisces

“and a heart that has been broken, will be stronger when it mends”
-Tom Waits, “Rainbow Sleeves”


The idea that a bone once broken, and subsequently healed, is stronger than the unbroken.

On last night’s Grey’s Anatomy (one of my obsessions) a man’s bone had to be re-broken in surgery so that it could properly heal.

Which made me think of that line from Tom Waits’ Rainbow Sleeves (the version I grew up with sung by Rickie Lee Jones, a Scorpio):

how a heart that has been broken will be stronger when it mends.

This is the Season of Broken Bones.

An old friend of mine broke her collarbone.
She has Moon and Mars in Aries at around 13 degrees. In the cross hairs of the Cardinal Cross.

Broken bones broken hearts

But sometimes you have to break to heal. That’s my point here. Break to heal. To get stronger.

Broken patterns broken glass.

Today the Sun in Aries is conjunct my Chiron (and Eris) and square my Sun in Cancer. A painful but necessary break.

And sometimes we have to break more than once, to get it right and true.
Break through. Break free.

And then… anything is possible.

See, the Cardinal Grand Cross this April is anything but broken.
Although the people who contact me, many of them, are feeling broken, uncertain of the best epoxy.

At the moment, we have a t-square:
Mars is out of orb, but retrograde, but moving into orb with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto to complete the square.

So the wobble you feel is not just your imagination and I have a feeling that things will get more radiant.
Not less.
Yes, radiant.

(Can you hear me speaking to you from my 12th House? I’m deep in there. You have to turn on your 12th House headphones to hear this maybe.)

Right now we are dangling. (For many, not all, but many.) We are hanging by our necks. Feels about to S N A P.

And we are feeling this MOST OF ALL in the Libra part of our charts — the Libra/Aries axis.

And my advice to you is to get off that damn chair right now and remove that rope from around your neck.

Don’t you want to know what happens next?
Aren’t you the least bit curious?

My advice:

Let Venus in Pisces‘ soft heart soften you. Venus entered Pisces TODAY. You’ve got time.

I’ll be keeping watch of my own Libra/Aries axis. It’s 2nd House/8th House for me. This is about as real as it gets, all you Virgo Risings out there, you know what I’m saying.
Not that anyone has it easy these days, I know, I know.

Okay folks. That’s the word on the street today in MoonPlutoLand. Back tomorrow with more…

Love, MP

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