Stray Thoughts On Love, Fate And Slowing Down Just Enough

"venus square neptune"It’s a second. A split second. That feeling of fate.

And I was just writing on Facebook, I have to slow down to feel it. I can’t be rushing around or feeling anxious or worried about anything. There has to be a certain degree of calm but doesn’t even need to be “meditative” calm. Just… nothing in my way. No emotional or mental block in that moment. That’s what allows clear seeing to come.

And I was, well, organizing the trash 🙂 in the kitchen when I had a revelation about love. I’ve got Venus in Leo square Neptune. I EXPECT (it’s a delusion) for love to always feel like romantic intense fireworks and sparks and that’s not sooo realistic. Love Realism and I have our “issues.”  I have Venus square Saturn as well.

My 1st astrologer told me: you really do expect to live in a perfect world. I didn’t realize she was right until I realized she was right.

Venus in Leo wants the grand romantic gesture. Venus in Leo wants to feel that surge of desire and thrill and if it’s not there every minute of every day?

That’s when the Neptune square comes in. Venus square Neptune is art, is inspiration but it takes a little more work to channel it, to move it from the love object to the WORK THAT MUST BE DONE.

And I was dealing with the trash and thinking: Oh so this is how it is. There are moments of grace and moments of mundane and everything in between. It’s a PROCESS and I was writing in the previous post that I am a process person and yet…

North Node in the 6th House can show that daily life isn’t enough. We prefer to live in the 12th: mystical, spiritual, magical, alone with God. But the task is to bring heaven down to earth, the spiritual (12th) in the every day.

I know these are a whole bunch of stray thoughts here. My main point was that feeling of fate. And how if you can get a little bit quiet inside, that you can feel your life more clearly and thus all your twisty turny decisions become easier to make.

Are you quiet inside? 

Love, MP

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