Stray Thoughts From My Venus In The 12th House

In the room (the message board I run) we are talking about LOVE — no surprise there.

Someone has a primary relationship but feelings/attraction for someone else.

There is an agreement with the primary partner that dalliances are okay as long as they don’t threaten the main thing.

But is that possible? Where does the heart go at those times? Does the heart understand “this is just a fling”?

I don’t know the answer.


I never considered myself a Venus person. Concerned with beauty. Easily attracting romance. Or do I just not see this clearly. Venus in the 12th House. 

I have taken risks for love, emotional risks, even physical risks at times. I always have. But this is more Mars! Doing rather than letting. Neptune rules my 7th. I get hurt. Mars rules my 8th. I try again.

Isabel Hickey has this to say: “Why is Venus in its highest position in Pisces? Because only through compassion does one sacrifice cheerfully and joyfully and not count the cost.”

Yup. I been there.

I have a situation in my life these days that I am trying to make sense of. And maybe that’s the problem. That I am TRYING to make sense of it. Virgo opposes Pisces on the wheel and I have a ton of Virgo energy in my natal. Redeeming my Venus from the 12th House is a lifelong process (Virgo again!).

In my progressed chart, Venus is ON my Ascendent. In Libra. Have I finally become a Goddess? After all these years?

In the meditation class, one of my goals is FEARLESSNESS. Is this the same as nakedness? Not exactly but another worthy goal.

This is me. This is my life. This is my body. What is beauty? The physical surface (Libra) or the inside?

My Scorpio friend thinks he’s handsome. Others think he’s handsome. I showed a picture to my roommate. Even she said so. Movie-star good looking. I don’t see it. I don’t think about it. I don’t relate to him that way. He doesn’t see my outsides either. Strange, isn’t it? To relate to someone purely on the etheric level?

The 12th House is a hiding place. Lately on my Facebook I’ve been talking about beauty and body image and then I delete the posts because I feel exposed, that I’ve exposed my Venus. I dislike compliments to my appearance. I never seek them. The humble and the modest really do exist 🙂 It’s not just a ploy. It is true that I like posting self-portraits so that I can.. see myself but it’s not about ego. It’s about trying to see what is hidden in that 12th House.

Where is your natal Venus? Your progressed Venus? What’s the difference? 

Love, MP


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