Strange Love: June 12th and 13th

Tonight before my meditation class, I walked by a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) studio and I noticed this one dude outside, smoking a cigarette, watching people train through the big glass window.

I wanted to watch also and so I did and what I realized is how much I love watching people train, even more than actual fights. Why? Because the opponent is her/himself!

Wednesday and Thursday the Moon is in loving, loyal Leo and honestly the aspects aren’t all that loving and loyal 😉 Wait. I take that back. I was getting overwhelmed by the Moon Saturn square. The Moon is your tender feelings and Saturn is cold and these two in combination make us feel that we… aren’t allowed to feel how and what we feel! Bummer.

Bright side: we’ll have a Moon Mars sextile and a Moon Uranus trine. Good energy for whatever you want/need to do with a side of… uppity 🙂

On Thursday the Moon will sextile the Sun, which is pleasant, harmonious, meat and potatoes (or tofu and potatoes), a full meal of all is okay. I think we tend to overlook such an aspect because of its lack of drama but such aspects make days run better.

The most interesting aspect of these two days is Venus square Uranus (exact June 12th) but in orb now. Venus is your love nature and Uranus is… innovation, liberation, excitement, electricity. The square is a knife to your metaphysical heart and it makes you want to DO SOMETHING, take action. The Moon in Leo (FIRE) adds fuel 🙂

My advice? Take a walk by a martial arts (or other type) studio. Remember that the fundamental worthy opponent is you.

Love, MP


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