Story For Saturn In Scorpio

Had a conversation in the Moon Lodge today that I wanted to share here because I thought it was a REALLY GOOD IDEA.

Gal was wondering, thinking out loud… saying how she wasn’t feeling so grateful today. And she felt crappy for not feeling grateful 🙁

I always think I know everything 😉 so I was pointing out that she was judging herself. My larger point being that the self-judgement was making matters worse and… surely there was another way.

Names changed to protect the innocent :

Her:  I am having trouble being grateful — this isn’t usually hard for me but it’s an ugly feeling that I don’t like. I think that’s what’s got me pissed off.

Me:  Maybe there’s a reason for it — beyond the judging you are doing of yourself. Know what I mean?

Her:  Not sure. Can you say more?

Me:  I mean, don’t stop there. Don’t stop at the self-hatred. Go to the deeper place.

Her:  Ah, okay. I will meditate on it later. 

Me:  Put on your snorkel and dive underneath the self hatred place. Saturn in Scorpio. Put your fins on. You can do a visualization.

Her:  I am not sure I’ve been under my self hatred, actually.

Me:  OR, actually, put on such clothing. Your son might think it’s funny. Do you have snorkel and fins? Or something sea-themed?

Her:  Ha ha. 

Me:  Costume party time. I’m serious.

Her:  I do not, alas.

Me:  Role play. Make them. Cardboard? Make some fins on colored paper. Put them on.

Her:  I do have cardboard.

Me: For the two of you (you and your son.) All three of you! Husband too. Go swimming.

Her:  Cute.

Me: You don’t have to have the same destination in mind, to go swimming together. He (your son) may be seeking buried treasure, but then again so are you.

I swear as I’m typing out this dialogue, I’m picturing it, picturing them in my head. Turning out the electric lights. Lighting some candles for spooky mystery goodness. Putting on funny beautiful cardboard costumes and going into the deep. Because life really hurts sometimes and sometimes you have to make fins and snorkel out of cardboard.

Love, MP


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