A Story For Mercury Retrograde

"mercury retrograde in leo"Mercury Retrograde is already up my ass. Mildly.

Email readings sent to spam folders, cell phone chargers breaking.

As long as the power stays on, I’m good. Knock on Mercury wood.

But here’s the story that I wanted to tell and I’ve told parts of this story before but hey Mercury is retrograde!

So I’m having my first production of a full-length play this September. Bare-bones they call it because although it’s fully memorized and fully rehearsed, it’s low-tech and the plan is that in the future it will receive a more elaborate production.

The other day I was reading over the script and realized that I’d forgotten about this one particular monologue. That there was a time that it was my favorite thing that I’d ever written because I felt it so accurately captured the feeling of longing.

Very Venus in the 12th House square Neptune. Very very.

And what a weird feeling because I’m not that person anymore. The one who wrote those words FOR HIM? Not only was it years ago but it was a person ago. It was such a funny feeling.

So this is my Mercury Retrograde in Leo story. What’s yours? What’s coming back to you?

Mercury rules writing and Leo rules the theatre but there are other keywords that will fill in your blanks.

Mercury is your neighborhood, your brothers and sisters, your words, the way you think, 3rd House. Leo is associated with the Sun and the 5th House. And then of course it matters most where Mercury is transiting in your chart.

Maybe you’ve forgotten how to have fun (5th House).  Maybe you’ve forgotten how to be generous (Leo). Maybe your heart (Leo) hurts.

I like that. The heart part. Mercury Retrograde in Leo is you remembering how to love, whether it’s loving someone else, or your self, or some THING that has returned to your life.

And this isn’t the only chance you’ll get, by the way. Mercury retrograde is a roaring three-week reminder.

Love, MP