Stories For The Moon In Taurus

Men need their dreams. Women need their dreams too. Often their dreams are different. And sometimes they are the same. And that is magic.

I don’t mean to sound heterosexist but I am dating a man (at this time). We can use other language. Beloved no. 1 and Beloved no. 2. 🙂

So yesterday I had written (somewhere — on Facebook?) that the only itchy scratchy part of the day, yesterday, was the Moon in Taurus opposing Saturn in Scorpio and OH YES that was the impeccable timing for a fight with the boyfriend. Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs. They get stuck.

This week is filled with dream-like, dreamy energy but THAT was THE moment of gracelessness, refusal, stupidity. And wisdom.

Oppositions ARE fights. All oppositions (natally or by transit) echo the original opposition i.e. Aries vs. Libra. ME vs. WE. Lone Wolf vs. Marriage Vow. My chart is overwhelmingly lone wolf.

Taurus and Scorpio, however, are the signs that do loyalty (ideally) and commitment, perseverance. We persevered with our fight.

At one point my phone fell. Aw fuck it. My phone didn’t fall. I hung up on him in the middle of yelling somewhere along 6th Avenue in New York City. Yeah, I’m all class. I called back. I had a revelation. In those 4 minutes before calling back. You’re stuck with me I said. I’m not doing this again. Not breaking up/making up with you again. We’re stuck. That’s it. Fixed signs DIG IN.

The Moon is still in Taurus as I write this but void of course. Don’t make promises. Don’t make plans you want to stick. And we remain in this state of Venusian being and non-doing until 11:32pm (Big City time) tomorrow night!

Fear not the void of course Moon but you may want to time your activity accordingly. Ponder your New Moon intentions. Revisit transiting Neptune in your chart (and your natal Neptune) because these planetary/metaphysical shifts matter. I don’t care that it’s the outer planets, the slow movers. They matter. It’s dream-time again for you. Neptune goes retrograde to REMIND YOU of your dream. You can have what you want if only you knew what it was. I hope you find out.

Best of all is this Grand Trine in water we’re got going. It reminds me of a carnival. Even if you don’t like the rides or the corn dogs, the atmosphere is worth ahhhhhh breathing in.

You do know how to breath underwater, don’t you?


Love, MP


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