Stories For The Moon In Gemini (Part One)

Gemini is the WRITER of the Zodiac so in honor of the Moon in Gemini this weekend, I present to you MoonPluto STORYTIME 🙂

Long story short: I was becoming religious in my late 20s, after my mother’s death, and it culminated in my moving to — where else — Brooklyn, when I was 30. January 2001.

Side note: before my mother’s death, I was dating my one and only girlfriend, a Gemini! I used to tell people that she was the best boyfriend I ever had. She’d drink too much, act silly, and bring me flowers the next day. At the time though I was conflicted. I am ashamed to admit this. That I… didn’t know how to be in a relationship or didn’t have a desire for one or… I don’t even know. It wasn’t a priority. But the shame part is that I could not reconcile my burgeoning orthodoxy with my taste for girl love. We broke up.

Flash forward a few years. The religious life was not working out 🙂

I eventually realized that I was seeking… God, a spiritual connection, spiritual community. And a husband. But the rules and the contradictions began to overwhelm me. I couldn’t reconcile ME  and what was expected of a (supposedly) God fearing Jew, despite my love for chassidic teaching, despite my yearing for God. Not to mention my love for Tibetan Buddhism and the Christian mystics.

Also, when I got to town I thought everyone would be like the folks I had already met, profoundly (so it seemed to me) devout souls who walked this path. When I got to town I learned right away that there was just as much crazy and bad HERE as anywhere. I was a young 30. But I also learned there was also a higher level of goodness here. The best and the worst of humanity all in Brooklyn!

A little about my chart: unaspected Uranus in the 1st House (using Equal House system) + three Cancer planets in the 11th House. I tend not to follow rules. I create them. If you tell me what to do, I will bite you or fight you or leave you. I once had an intake therapist tell me that I had problems with authority. Ya think? I have a 9th House Saturn. I AM the authority, bitch!

But seriously…

I left the life pretty much although I had made a few close friends (one in particular, a Sagittarius, devout, and an artist) and then I entered my, shall we say, my sexual experimental phase.

To be continued…

Love, MP


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