Stop Trying To Fix It: Venus And Her Squares

I posted this in the Venus Mars classroom this morning.

Stray thought on Day 6/July 27th/Saturday

A different way to work with squares to Venus. Not to try to fix them. We talk so much about healing the squares. Even I do. How to get over this, how to get over that. It can get exhausting. Squares also exhaust because of the tension inside. Squares force us to want to self improve. If you have Venus squares, you can take the pressure off by looking away, by doing something different, by not engaging, by taking breaks. 

What if you just let the squares BE THERE without trying to fix them. More acceptance would be VERY VENUS. 

And then you have to have people in your life who fit with your squares. If you have a Venus Saturn square, then you probably need some decent Saturnian people in your life – older, wiser, mature, colder even. Less hot and demanding. Venus square Neptune needs romantics and idealists. Venus Pluto needs dramatic energy sources to tap into. Venus Mars needs MEN or male energy. 

I often think of Venus squares as causing “romantic” problems, relationship problems but if the Venus square person can step back and stop trying to fix their squares and LOVE THEMSELVES anyway, it will relieve some pressure. Stop trying to be the perfect ideal Venus for anyone and everyone. That is the low side of too much Libra. The self disappears.


See? This is what you’re missing 😉 We’ve got another week in the Venus Mars class and I am pondering doing a GODDESS ASTEROID course next. Similar format. Probably just a week though. Are you interested? Email me. I’d probably be doing this one on my own and using Demetra George’s awesome book (cutting and pasting from there) as my guide but of course jumping off into my own theories.

Love, MP

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