Stop The Bleeding: Thoughts On the South Node (By Transit)

"south node in aries" Someone or something is BLEEDING you. Emptying you, draining you. Where? In your Aries House, where the South Node is transiting.

I get revelations. I get revelations all the time. Little snippet revelations. They come out of nowhere sometimes so then I start to write, listen and write. I come here or to the Private Blog or Facebook to have my say.

And just now a revelation that came with such force — and we are under a Mars Uranus square which is sudden and forceful — that I had to share 🙂 because I was asking the question WHY.

And I think this truth has been hidden — hidden behind other notions of the Nodes by transit, what we think they mean, and this occured to me clear as day so I suggest you revisit your Aries House and note the transits to its ruler and oh god anything else that’s going on in there — SO THAT YOU CAN STOP THE BLEEDING. Mars rules blood. Mars rules Aries. You NEED your blood.

Otherwise, you won’t make it to South Node in Pisces. And maybe it’ll click for you too, like it did for me today. Sometimes I think about certain things in my life and I think: WHY ME.

And I can think WHY ME about good things and less than good things. Just WHY. That question WHY.

Well, my friends, the Why sometimes is simple as a transit that will move on but in the meantime now that I’ve shared this with you, you can think about it and knowledge often is its own calming cure.

CAN YOU LOCATE THE BANDAGES, my friends? Keep yourself from bleeding out? (Yes I know you need sutures too.) I have a feeling you stop it and then it starts again. You stop it and then it starts again. You stop it and then it starts again. Please don’t hate yourself! It’s not your fault. This South Node of Fate has a wild desire of its own. It doesn’t care about you. And the more you DO your North Node — well that’s your super duper plus size bandage!!! It stops ALL the bleeding. And it can feel like an impossible dream, what you need to build in that house and yet… try it!!!!

Love, MP


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