Stop Struggling And Rest Like An Animal In The Forest

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Sometimes you have to stop trying to look into your future. Sometimes you have to see how things play out.  And live your life.

I’ve been sick (fever/bad cold) and last night also felt in turmoil emotionally. I reached out to Dixie of A Fool’s Journey but decided not to talk to her yet. Partly because I felt physically exhausted. And partly because part of what I wanted was to see the future, to be given the answer. And even if I had received it? I likely would have questioned it or bargained for something else.

Now I know I will contact Dixie again because she is awesome but last night I decided that I was going to search for the answer within.

And this is also what I’d like to teach other people to do. Not that we don’t need guidance, wise counselors, support, because we do; I definitely do. But in some moments you must be your own Wise Mind.

My other point here is that sometimes you have to stop looking for The Answer, especially as it relates to other people. Maybe you get a flash of insight, as I did last night. Clear as day I had “an” answer come to me.  An answer to a question I hadn’t even asked in that moment and it made me sad so I started reaching reaching reaching reaching: is it true? Who can tell me what is true?

This not-knowing had become unbearable so I decided to STOP looking.

The other night a friend of mine gave me some advice. Told me to accept. Told me to stop struggling. And to wait for answers to come. It was funny because I’ve heard this advice before. I’ve read this advice before. I’ve given this advice. But these words from him, in this moment, felt pure and new. Sometimes it’s not only all you can do, but the best thing you can do.

Do you ever just STOP? 

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