Stop Expecting Others To Be Happy For You (Mercury square Pluto)

"mercury square pluto" Listen, make whatever decision you want. You make your choices.

But it is a MISTAKE to assume that YOUR choices will automatically make others happy, that they will applaud “Yay! So and so is taking care of his/her needs! So and so is doing what is best for him/her yay!”

We all have needs. We all have preferences. Sure, go ahead and decide what is best for YOU, but if you are married or in some other partnership (friendship, work relationship), don’t be surprised if your “partner” isn’t cheering you on while you prioritize YOUR alone time or YOUR television watching schedule or YOUR need to be drunk or YOUR refusal to bathe (I’m being extreme to make a point)… prioritizing these things over the peace and functioning of the relationship. YES THIS IS LIBRA TALK. MERCURY IS IN LIBRA. 

And you may say: well, if I don’t have such and such alone time and such and such drink and such and such lack of bathing (etc etc etc) then I cannot function.

I would actually tell such a person, who has such a rigid set of needs, that they cannot be in a relationship at all — unless they find their ideal match. Who has a similar set of needs i.e. you cannot match a germ-o-phobe with a sloppy Susie. Also, consider how you are asking them to sacrifice for your eccentricity. It’s not fair (says Mercury in Libra).

Mercury is square Pluto on Tuesday, exact, but it is in orb now. We were talking about this in the chat room. At first I said something about it making people cranky and then I realized oh no it’s going to make people mean. Someone else used the word “manipulative.” And a gal chimed in about the square causing people to make nice on the surface (Mercury in Libra) but much more than meets the eye below the surface, and not pretty, not pretty at all. Sorry Libra! Pluto is not going to let you put a bow or a bird on this one. No smiley face for you 🙂

Doesn’t help that this aspect is applying while the moon is full in Pisces, and conjunct Chiron. Great. We’ll be emotional, despairing, confused, caustic, and bitter! Hooray!!

But you guys know I can’t leave you with a bummer forecast. I have to give you a little wisdom, a smidge! For how to get through it.

I would avoid anyone you consider *difficult* – I wouldn’t even try to make peace. Tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday… these are not days to hammer it out but instead to lay low and do your thing. And even if you can’t physically avoid these troublemakers (and maybe you are the troublemaker) you can avoid getting ensnared in their Pluto traps or your own. See, this is going to be an EMOTIONAL Pluto. Theatrics plus manipulation and Mercury square Pluto cruelty? You don’t need it! Exit stage left!

Happy Sunday, y’all 🙂

Love, MP

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