Stay Strong Stay Brave My Little Lions! Venus Conjunct Jupiter In Leo

"venus conjunct jupiter: Sometimes I find these shiny transits disappointing. Venus Jupiter conjunct in Leo. Venus is shiny. Jupiter is shiny. Leo is shiny.

And we all look for 21 degrees (or thereabouts) in our charts. That’s how I learned — in my astrology class each week, years ago. My Teacher would plot out Some Important Transit on the dry erase and we’d learn how to read a chart.

Venus Jupiter didn’t keep me from feeling sad today. I stepped outside my door and felt sad. I felt sad walking to the ferry. I felt sad on the ferry. I felt sad getting off the ferry. I felt sad smoking a cigarette outside the 1 Train. I felt sad asking the MTA guy about train service over the weekend. I even felt sad food shopping AND I LOVE FOOD SHOPPING.

I complained in one of the chat rooms: weary of being misunderstood but social networking is this weird stew. People we don’t know. People we do. Am I that extraordinary? Am I that confusing?

We are all extraordinary under a Venus Jupiter sky
. I hope you feel your extraordinary today, tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that — even if you feel sad. We’re supposed to make ourselves so small IN THIS LIFE (so it seems) — but Venus Jupiter in Leo can’t. Venus Jupiter is here to remind us that we DO THIS (make ourselves small) and there’s no need.

Maybe it was the inconjunct. Venus and Jupiter inconjunct Chiron. Chiron has such a cross to bear. Chiron adds a tear to your Venus Jupiter extra large. It’s like… giving a recital and no applause. No one comes. Leo heartbreak.

AND tomorrow is the Full Moon! Sun trine Neptune too. Oh. So. Emotional.

So please don’t feel bad if you have an emotional week or if you don’t feel all Lioness today and tomorrow. It’s a deceptively hard sky.

"full moon in capricorn"Tarot Advice:
I drew the Two of Pentacles for you from the Legacy of the Divine deck. Keep going. Don’t slow down now.

“A winding road” says Yoav Ben-Dov.

And then Judgement from the Steampunk Tarot. “Judgement opens the sky.” 

I think you are headed in the right direction(s). Nice that the Legacy deck shows Mr. Two Pentacles on a big bike, in transit with rainbow. His Coins/Pentacles look like cymbals.

It doesn’t feel like it doesn’t it? The breakthrough? The size of a whisper. But this is the promise of the Judgement card just like Venus Jupiter. It’s big and bold and grand and DIAMONDS. There will be diamonds.

I am doing a Summer Special this June and July.
And we can talk about whatever you want but Transits + Tarot is one option.
I put a link to this on my PayPal form so you can order through the site.
Phone/Skype or Messenger. No Email Readings with this.
One chart only (two charts okay IF I’ve seen the second chart before. No new synastry readings)
60 minutes = $65.
You can give these as gifts. You can buy them in bulk 🙂 it’s pretty awesome.
I decided to do this because I listen to my gut — telling me that there were some people I needed to make contact with (for the first time or again) and this would help bring it.

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