Startled? Uranus Square Sun (by transit)

"tower card meaning"So I spent a lot of time this past year not writing about my life and I need to write about my life. I remember saying something similar a few blog posts ago, maybe last month, and it’s still the case. I know my stories can make others feel less alone.

Last night I found out that we have to move — I was the receiver of the information and the bearer of the information. Even though I’d been feeling it all year, felt it was coming, I still felt oddly stable in my bones and dwelling… and was saying in the chat rooms: WOW I’m having all these crazy transits but also Saturn trine Sun so that’s why things are still stable.


And yet they are. Stable. If YOU are stable. The world can swirl around you and you can be the tree. You can be the Wise Parent on the inside. Wise Tree Parent 🙂 Actually you NEED to be this, when the tables get upended.

So last night around 9:30 pm my landlord tells me we need to talk. He won’t say why. I press him a bit. Then he says that we need to move out. As soon as possible.

I’ve lived in my neighborhood for almost 15 years. Lived in this particular apartment for 4 (or 5) can’t remember. I have been thrown out of every (yes EVERY) apartment that I’ve ever lived in, in NYC. I’ve been through “we need the place for our son” as well as… bed bugs, floods, other relatives that need to take over the apartment, and more. I thought it was over. Pluto out of my 4th. But there’s always another greedy transit. There’s always another tutorial. Think of it that way. Takes some of the sting out.

I’m a Sun, Mercury, Mars in CANCER. Yes. Cancer. THE HOME. A Cancer with a Moon Pluto conjunction.  Uranus is squaring my home now. A Cancer Sun IS her home. Whether she loves it or hates it. It is her. To take a Cancer out of her home is akin to ripping off her shell. Sudden. Scary. Chaotic. Isabel Hickey called Uranus the only planetary energy we could not control or master. Although I think she wrote that before Pluto’s discovery. Look it up and let me know 🙂

I have this sick feeling that wherever I move next may not even be permanent. I remember… an eclipse on my progressed IC and moving (I think) four times that year. What would make Uranus happy? That’s my job now — to figure that out. Uranus and Pluto — how best to serve them. Too bad I don’t have a life that permits me to be on the road. Traveling salesman? Musician? Hobo? 😉  NOT setting down roots feels very Uranus square Sun to me. Could travel be the answer? Maybe.

And then there is this thing called the startle or thought startle or startle reflex. I’m trying to find a good term for it. I remember it from when my mother died. That I’d go all calm at various times and then the thought would come back: she’s gone. That thought would “wake me up.”

Your homework is to answer the following: what crazy (or sane) transits are you having, and how do you appease those gods?
Love, MP

I’ll probably take a few days off around the move (date uncertain) but otherwise business as usual. Please share my posts, link me, recommend me to your pals, purchase readings, say hello on Facebook or Twitter 🙂

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