Stand-Off With Sugar: Full Moon in Aquarius

That phrase came to mind when I was thinking about the Full Moon in my own chart.

It opposes my Venus (that’s the stand-off) but also trines my 2nd House Jupiter (self-worth). That’s the sugar.

Moon opposing Venus is… needs versus wants. Who wins? Moon sextile Jupiter means the outcome is a good one. I gain.

Have you found 28 degrees in your own chart?

It also makes a Yod in my chart. The sextile is between my Mars and Pluto and hmm the Moon is what holds it all together but… be careful. Watch for broken glass. Home. Family. The family I (or you) create. Also, being able to stand back and not be so emotional (says Aquarius). Don’t fester!  To see things as they are without layers of emotional resonance and/or exhaustion. Yeah right. Good luck with that, Cancer Woman.


How do you feel FULL? What will make you full, fat, and happy 🙂 Do you set FULL MOON intentions? What will you let go?

Love, MP


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