Spring Resolutions For Mars And Saturn Retrograde

Stop searching and be right where you are. Stop striving and tending for a minute. I was pretty much saying the same thing in my previous blog post. It’s on my mind. Stop seeking the brave new world. Just stop. Can you do that? For the length of the Mars and Saturn retrogrades. Face every fear, yes, but without worry i.e. no procrastination greasy build-up! (OR MAYBE YOU NEED TO DO THE OPPOSITE?)

We all have a job to do. I told a gal this morning (who has two jobs already) that getting a handle on her heartbreak, letting the feelings move, not squashing them, is part of her work this spring.

This is my spring resolution and it’s still winter but I’m ready. To stop trying so hard and take more breaks. More room. More space. More nothing. Time for a core dump. Open up and empty it.

What are your spring resolutions?

Love, MP

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