Spin The Big Wheel! Your Venus Transit

"venus transit"

I keep trying to make videos and it’s damn hard!

I don’t want to edit; I just want to talk. And then I lose my train of thought, even when giving over a little morsel about the Moon in Capricorn. I’ll keep practicing though. ๐Ÿ™‚


About this Venus Transit, this rare astronomical event, don’t isolate it. I mean, it’s not happening in a vacuum. It’s holding hands with yesterday’s Eclipse, and Neptune going retrograde. Your Gemini/Sagittarius houses hold the story. Listen to them. What are they telling you? Sometimes it’s right in front of you.

And it’s not always material knowledge, you know? Sometimes it’s about your thinking or your spiritual process. It’s not always about the cookie i.e. the new job, the old love. It can be subtle… although Gemini and Sagittarius are rarely that.

Overall, I felt pretty good today and I consider this to be part of the effect of theย Sun Venus transit. I’ve liked every Sun Venus conjunction person that I’ve ever met (I think). It’s an enviable aspect.


Eclipses release. Eclipses set free. Especially a Sagittarius eclipse.

Have you gone out in search of? Do you know exactly what you want?

Exhibit A: yesterday’s eclipse heralds the leaving

Exhibit B: today’s Venus transit welcomes rare beauty, mystery, wonder, and history into your Gemini House.

I predict it will be BIG for you. Jupiter enters Gemini next week.

Love, MP

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PS Me looking forlorn when I realize a video shall not be made today

"venus transit"

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