*Special* Tarot Reading 2012, The Year Ahead!

"full moon in cancer 2012"
tarot tarot tarot!

I got this idea because I did this spread for a client the other day and it was a spur of the moment thing so thought I’d offer it in general.

What I have in mind is the Astrological Spread for your year ahead, one card for each of the 12 Houses, and then clarifying cards if I feel the need. Email only. (Although I swear I have a feeling I’m going to start doing phone readings again this year.)

I’ll be writing a few sentences or a small paragraph per astrological house/card. And if you want to go more in depth, we always can of course.

This reading will be a bit different from my other ones in that I’m not including time for questions and answers. I’m just gonna do my thing and hit send!

So it won’t be super-long like a report but will have that kind of feel in that we won’t have the extra interaction.

Email me: moonpluto@gmail if you have questions or want to schedule, (and these readings are $30 by paypal)