***SPECIAL*** Mini-Mars Reading For Mars In Virgo!

"mars in virgo 2011"
christopher reeve as clark kent: mars in virgo!

This Special Reading will be on-going until the summertime! Why? Because Mars will be in Virgo from mid-November until early July.  A lot can happen between now and then — in my life, in your life too.

Knowing the route Mars in Virgo will take in your natal chart is your map.  And Virgo loves to plan ahead, so that’s why I’m starting early 🙂 I have Moon in Virgo 🙂

The Details:

-these readings are short, but deep

-15 minute email readings

-$25 by PayPal, the link is on my frontpage, top right corner

– add $10 for Tarot

-your chart only, no chart comparison (I will do synastry in longer readings though)

-specify your preferred house system

-my schedule varies so it’s best if you email me first at moonpluto@gmail   then I can tell you when I’ll have time for you

-also, email readings with me are like old fashioned letters. I use up part of the time, leaving room for your response, any questions. We don’t need to be at the computer at the same time

-I only watch the clock when typing, not when prepping or mulling over or reading your emails. You definitely get your money’s worth (so I’ve been told!)

-Cancerian nurturing included :) And, by the way, I have Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Scorpio so my readings tend to be layered and I often overlap/move back and forth between the natal and transits, developing a holistic image of your situation while trying to help and encourage

I realize I need to collect more testimonials (although there is a testimonials tag here) so I can better and accurately explain what I do… because I think what I do is unique and yet hard for me to see clearly and explain.  But from what I can surmise, readings with me are part astrology reading, part intuitive/psychic reading, part spiritual/practical guidance, part motherly nurturing.  If anyone wants to chime in in the comments, please feel free!

Make sense? I look forward to visiting your chart!

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